A man travels back in time to meet his favorite historical figure, Julius Caesar. He arrives in ancient Rome and finds Caesar, who’s busy dictating letters. The time traveler introduces himself and tells Caesar that he’s from the future. Caesar, being the great leader that he was, calmly asks the man what he wants.

The time traveler replies, “I just wanted to meet you and learn from you. I want to know what it takes to be a great leader.”

Caesar chuckles and says, “Well, my friend, it takes two things. First, you need a strong army, and second, you need to know how to use it.”

The time traveler looks confused and asks, “What about diplomacy, strategy, and leadership skills?”

Caesar laughs and says, “Oh, those are just details. The real key is having a strong army.”

The time traveler returns to the present, and the next day, he shows up to a business meeting with an army of soldiers. His coworkers look at him in shock, and the man declares, “I have come to lead you, for I have learned from Julius Caesar that the key to success is having a strong army!”

Of course, the man’s coworkers were not impressed, and he quickly learned that in the business world, a strong army is not always the best approach.